​​​​​Emergency and Disaster Preparedness Solutions, LLC

EDPS is now offering mentoring services!

Our experts can come work with your staff members during exercises to enhance their exercise experience!   This provides the opportunity to provide immediate feedback and deeper insight to your staff on the plans and procedures being tested.

​It does not matter whether you are a Public Safety, Private Sector, Hospital or Public Health entity, EDPS offers services that will improve the outcome of your next crisis or disaster.  Our comprehensive list of services makes it possible to fill all of the preparedness, mitigation, response, and capability gaps your organization is facing.  Our solutions are not "off the shelf" plans and training are customized based on your organizational needs.  

"We appreciate the opportunity to help you serve your community!"

Private Sector Clients

EDPS can help your business recover from a disaster that effects it and get you back in business quicker than your competitors.   EDPS conducts a business impact analysis and then develops a plan that reduces the impact of the disaster as much as possible.  This plan is a step by step process for you to follow when a crisis or disaster happens.  Once this plan is completed, we analyze what products and services you provide to determine if your business can provide any critical items needed during an event.   This allows you to help the community that supports you on a daily basis and reduce down time following an event due to the fact that you are actually helping the community respond and recover.  EDPS will then assist you in approaching your local emergency management staff and ensure that your services and products are included on their list of resources available.  The rates and fees for your services will be predetermined and included on the list and are preapproved eliminating any emergency contracting issues. 

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