"Public Health Points of Dispensing Management System"

Manage all aspects of Points of Dispensing Operations from your Smartphone, Laptop, or Tablet!

EDPS has developed a new program to make operating a POD as simple as possible.  It provides all of the information and resources needed for even the newest person to work in a POD!

The following are just a sample of this programs capabilities:

Situational Awareness

Resource Ordering

POD Status

POD Location

Preloaded POD Information

Staffing Charts

IAP Distribution

ICS 214 

Dispensing Updates

"Just in Time" Training Guides

Communications with the Emergency Operations Center

ICS Forms

POD Resources and Documentation

All of these actions are completed in a secure environment that tracks every change made by any team member. 
Each of the Individual Boards are able to accessed only by the personnel assigned to them. 
All components can be archived and printed later on.

(Also Available for RSS, RDS and Drive Thru POD Operations)

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