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Emergency Operations Plan Review/Revision
EDPS will review your Emergency Operations Plan to ensure compliance with Joint Commission, DNV and 2017 CMS Preparedness Rule compliance. The new CMS Preparedness Rule is a threat to your reimbursement rates from CMS and could cost a facility hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars under Title 42 Guidelines for non-compliance. 

2017 CMS Emergency Preparedness Rule Assessments

EDPS offers this service so that a facility can determine if it is in compliance with the 2017 CMS Emergency Preparedness Rule Standards.  This service includes reviewing and updating your Hazards and Vulnerabilities Analysis (HVA).  Once the HVA is completed, we then conduct an off-site Emergency Operations Plan review.  EDPS staff will then conduct an on-site assessment of your facility.  The actual CMS Interpretive Guidelines and Survey Procedures will be utilized during the evaluation to determine if you are in compliance.  At the conclusion of the assessment, EDPS will provide a gap analysis and mitigation recommendations to ensure compliance with the CMS Preparedness Rule Standards preventing penalties due to non-compliance.  

Emergency Operations Center Design and Analysis
EDPS professional can assist you in designing your Emergency Operation Center.  Our staff have directed and involved in numerous EOC design projects and take the guess work out of what is needed to accomplish your mission. 

Public Health Dispensing Site Planning
EDPS can assist you in developing your Points of Distribution (POD) plan that includes operation and demobilization of a POD mission. This plan will include staffing and procedures any entity will need to plan for, execute, and shut down POD operations. The plan will also include safety, equipment, and resource accountability.

Mobile Medical Unit Design (Field Hospital/Rapid Response Asset)
EDPS professionals have extensive knowledge and experience in designing and delivering Mobile Medical assets based on mission criteria set forth by our clients.   We take into consideration budget, staffing, equipment, capabilities and modes of transportation when designing your Mobile Medical assets.  We have designed 100 bed field hospitals, 24 bed field hospitals, rapid response units, medical caches based on specific types of incidents and have extensive knowledge of medical and logistical equipment involved.  Let EDPS help you help your community.