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All - Hazards Emergency Management Planning​​
An organizations Emergency Operations Plan  describes how people and property will be protected; details who is responsible for carrying out specific actions; identifies the personnel, equipment, facilities, supplies, and other resources available; and outlines how all actions will be coordinated.  EDPS can assist you in development or revision of your All-Hazards Plan so that it addresses current threats and applicable disasters.

CFR 1910.134 Respiratory Protection Program Creation and implementation
An employer is required to develop and implement a written respiratory program with required worksite-specific procedures and elements for required respirator use, according to 29 CFR 1910.134(c). The written program must include a respirator-selection process; medical evaluations; fit testing; procedures for use; procedures and schedules for cleaning, disinfecting, storing, inspecting, repairing and discarding; procedures to ensure adequate air quality, quantity and flow; training in respiratory hazards; training in use limitations and maintenance; and procedures for regularly evaluating the program's effectiveness.

Active Shooter Planning​ ​​​
An Active Shooter is defined as one or more subjects who participate in a random or systematic shooting spree demonstrating their intent to continuously harm or kill others. These situations are dynamic and evolve rapidly, demanding immediate deployment of law enforcement resources to stop the shooting and limit harm or loss of life to innocent victims.   EDPS can help your organization create a plan that will help save lives during an active shooter event.

Continuity of Operations/Continuity of Government Planning​
Continuity planning facilitates the performance of essential functions during all-hazards emergencies or other situations that may disrupt normal operations. By continuing the performance of essential functions through a catastrophic emergency, the State, territorial, tribal, and local governments, and the private sector support the ability of the Federal Government to perform National Essential Functions (NEFs).  EDPS professionals can assist your organization in creating a comprehensive COOP/COG plan so that your constituents will continue to be served during a disaster.

Emergency Operations Center Planning​ (Organization, Policies, Procedures and Position Checklists)
EDPS professionals will develop all aspects of an Emergency Operations Center Plan including policies and procedures, position checklists, organization based on needs and legal guidance.  Our experts have been recognized as some of the best in the nation in Emergency Management and will bring that knowledge and experience to the table when creating and delivering your plan.

Emergency Operations Center Design and Analysis
EDPS professional can assist you in designing your Emergency Operation Center.  Our staff have directed and involved in numerous EOC design projects and take the guess work out of what is needed to accomplish your mission. 

Mobile Medical Unit Design (Field Hospital/Rapid Response Asset)
EDPS professionals have extensive knowledge and experience in designing and delivering Mobile Medical assets based on mission criteria set forth by our clients.   We take into consideration budget, staffing, equipment, capabilities and modes of transportation when designing your Mobile Medical assets.  We have designed 100 bed field hospitals, 24 bed field hospitals, rapid response units, medical caches based on specific types of incidents and have extensive knowledge of medical and logistical equipment involved.  Let EDPS help you help your community.