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Hospital Emergency Preparedness/CMS Preparedness Rule Training

OSHA "Best Practices for Hospital First Receivers" First Receiver Decontamination Team Training
​​EDPS offers the OSHA "HOSPITAL-BASED FIRST RECEIVERS OF VICTIMS from Mass Casualty Incidents Involving the Release of Hazardous Substances" curriculum at the Awareness and Operations level.  This curriculum is required by OSHA, Joint Commission and DNV standards as part of the Emergency Preparedness requirements for hospitals.  EDPS instructors have an enormous amount of experience in delivering this course and keep the delivery focused hospital perspective rather than a first responder perspective as some other organizations have been known to do.  The common perception of participants in a hazardous materials class is that the class will be and is boring and that they just want to "get it over with."  The common response that EDPS instructors receive when asked how the class was is that it was a great, entertaining, and useful course that they would come back to again.   Contact EDPS for further information.

Online  OSHA "First Receiver" Refresher Training
OSHA requires that First Receiver personnel complete refresher training every year to maintain certification at both the Awareness and Operations level.  EDPS is offering a way to complete these requirements without sitting in a classroom.  The program is executed by EDPS Staff sending out a reading assignment or task to be completed.  Upon completion of the assignment, the participant will email the quiz or required product back to EDPS.  If the participant is successful they will be added to a spreadsheet that will be mailed back to the client with a statement of completion for all participants that passed. The Operations Level First Receivers will still need to demonstrate mastery of Donning and Doffing the Personal Protective Equipment but all refresher requirements will be met through this program.   This program allows participants that have completed Initial Training to maintain their certification without having to attend an instructor led class saving budget dollars, and ensuring compliance

Hospital Incident Command System (HICS) Training
This 6 hour course provides an overview of the Hospital Incident Command System (HICS) and the operation of the Hospital Command Center (HCC) during emergencies. The course includes hands-on training and use of HICS forms and tools.

Anti-Terrorism Course for Hospitals and Businesses
The Anti-Terrorism 101 for Hospitals and Business course provides participants with an overview of terrorism and how it relates to their hospital or business and their staff.  It provides employees information on what they can do to help prevent terrorism before it happens and what to do when an incident occurs.  Some of the topics that are included in this course are as follows:

1.    Terrorism Overview
2.    Pre-Attack Indicators
3.    Bomb Threat Response
4.    Explosives Recognition
5.    Chemical Weapons
6.    Active Shooter Response

The possibility of another terrorist attack on US soil is at the highest it has ever been.   This course will assist employees by giving them the knowledge to help protect themselves and their hospital or business should an event occur.

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