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Dardenne Prairie, MO

Emergency and Disaster Preparedness Solutions LLC provides services for all types of private and public-sector clients.  Our staff represents a group of people that are dedicated to service of our communities and our country.  Our goal is to help our clients, and their communities, to be prepared for all of the disasters and emergencies they face.  We believe that our commitment to our clients does not end when at the completion of the project, but in contrast to other entities, never ends and consider ourselves as part of your team that can be called on at any time for assistance.  We are always attempting to proactively forecast the needs of our clients.   We are committed to the mindset that being proactive in regards to emergency preparedness is the only successful approach and the only way to do business. We consider it an honor to serve you and your citizens and stand by our products and services that we provide.  We are committed to engaging the top subject matter experts for your project as that is what your citizens and customers deserve.  Our solutions are innovative and developed by thinking outside the box if necessary.  Let us help you develop ways to serve your community during disasters or emergencies, or in times of crisis.  

​"We appreciate the opportunity to help you serve your community!"



​January 2018

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Our Mission:
To prepare our private and public sector clients for Emergencies and Disasters by providing innovative, cutting-edge emergency preparedness solutions to the issues they may face during times when your communities need you most.  

Our Vision:
For our clients to obtain and maintain a level of preparedness for their organization that improves the outcome of their response and recovery efforts during an emergency or disaster.​